Have you met Izzy and Seb?

I thought it was time to introduce you to the main characters from my debut novel More, part of The Evermore Series.

Seb Izzy

Isabel Fields and Sebastian York have been with me for a long time now and they almost seem like real people (I’m not mad I promise!). I know how they end, but I haven’t written it all yet. That is part of the journey I’m still on.

I’ve kept a visual inspiration for ‘More’ and Izzy and Seb on Pinterest. But the looks are just part of it. What are Izzy’s fears? What drives Seb? Will Izzy find the courage she needs? These are just some of the questions that came out during my writing and as I try and perfect, build and edit my craft, I have realised that these characters are full of the complexities that each of us have.

It’s the characters with depth that we come to love in the stories that we read. Whatever genre you choose, we all have them, a favourite character.  They have body and soul and we live with them through the pages we read, we cry with them and our hearts beat with them.

My small hope is that for a few readers out there, Seb and/or Izzy will become one of your favourite characters and that you’ll live their journey with them.

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