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Why my book covers are so important to me

Every author loves their book covers. It’s the graphical representation of the story they have poured their soul into. The cover can often sum up both the author and the story; they can be tempting, exciting, beautiful and stunning. Covers can attract readers or put them off. But for me, my covers are a personal triumph.

If you know my writing journey, you’ll know that I never intended to publish. Then, when I finally thought I might self-publish, I knew that I’d want to work on the covers myself. So that is what I did.51dyujQsApL._SX325_BO1,204,203,200_

I know in my genre the image of rippling abs or a passionate embrace is more expected, but that’s not what I wanted on mine. In More and Forever More, Sebastian sends messages to Izzy through flowers. The language of Flowers by Mandy Kirkby was a gift from a friend many years ago and sits on my shelf for me to refer to now and then. I used this for the research in the story as I wanted Seb to say very particular things in the flowers he sent. And the flowers on the covers are the exact flowers he sends to Izzy in the book. (I’m not going to give away any spoilers!)IMG_6796

I went to my local florist, spoke to her about what I needed, the specifics, what was in season. I had to do a few tweaks as to what I originally wanted, but we got there. I went to collect the flowers a few days later and took them home to photograph. The flowers were beautiful and I enlisted the help of my friend Vic to support me in setting up the photos in my little office.


The added bonus, and personal touch on the cover of Forever More, is that the flowers are resting on my wedding dress. I loved my dress and thought it was the prettiest dress in the world. Now, it’s on the front cover, of one of the books that I wrote. *Grins widely as I type this.*

More - Cover - Final Cover_ForeverMore_Small








I had only intended to write these two stories, much to my publisher’s horror. But, she had faith in me, and my third book in the series will be having its cover revealed next month. My design skills got me though my first two books, but I’m glad to hand over that job to a much more talented lady (L J) this time around, and she’s done a fantastic job.