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July Hot Reads

This month is full of some great new releases that I’m so excited about, I wanted to share them with you!

Kris Michaels, Elizabeth SaFleur and H.A Robinson are all celebrating their book babies in July. A range of romances sure to get your hearts beating and pulses rising. I asked each author two quick questions to help you get to know them; If they could only read one author for the rest of their life, who would it be? And, what their favourite line from their book is.

I hope you enjoy these little glimpses and the great teasers they are sharing!

Jacob – The Kings of Guardian Book 1 by Kris Michaels


Victoria Marshall didn’t cooperate by dying in the Afghani hell-hole like the CIA expected. Defying all probability, a privately-funded black ops group led by a handsome, sexy-as-sin southerner pulled her out of the warlord’s prison cell and brought her home. Even half out of her mind with pain Tori knew this man was special. She made a date with the commander to meet one year later at a restaurant of his choice. Keeping that date was the best thing she ever did.

Jacob King found little physically attractive about the woman he saved from the warlord’s camp, though it was hard to see what lay under the filth and suppurating wounds she suffered from countless beatings. He admired her brave humor in the face of her agonizing injuries. This kind of tough-minded woman was someone he’d like to know as a friend. He never expected the leggy, blond bomb-shell in the red dress who showed up for their date.

But then he never expected she would save his life, either. In a world of shadows, smoke, and dangerous covert missions, where people routinely vanish and living one more day was never a given, Tori and Jacob fight to build their happily ever after.

* * *

KM – Only one author for the rest of my life? Oh girl, that would be hell on earth! I don’t know that I could narrow it to one, but if I had three it would be J,R. Ward, Kindle Alexander and Robyn Carr.

KM – My favorite line from G1? Wow…I think it would be the last line of this teaser. Haven’t we all wanted to be bold enough to say something like this? I love Tori’s spunk. The woman is strong willed and knows what she wants.

“Tori looked through her lashes at him for a moment before lowering her eyes to the table. The glance radiated sexual innuendo. “And, I think sex with you could be phenomenal.”

Excerpt – 
“This is so good! I’m impressed that you own part of this place.”

Jacob reached for his wine glass. “I can’t take any credit for this. Justin is the mastermind behind the businesses. My brothers and I gave him some startup money and he has bankrolled it into four extremely profitable businesses. He has a way with people and money.”

Tori took the last bite of her steak and measured him carefully as she chewed. Lifting her finger she pointed at him. “You know, you have quite a way with people, too.”

Jacob chuffed air out of his lungs and shook his head. “Not true. I’m close to my family and my team. I almost never associate with anyone outside that realm.”

“Am I an exception?”



“It is simple and complicated. When you should’ve been comatose or out of you mind with pain, you were cracking jokes and carrying a conversation. I don’t usually mix my business endeavors and my personal life, but you were unique and interesting. I thought I would enjoy knowing you as a friend.”

Tori cocked her head. “A friend? Really? That’s…interesting.”

“Why did you come back for the date? You must have had to travel to get here if home is Small Town, U.S.A.”

She picked up the wine glass and once again swirled the deep red liquid before she responded. “Oh, I guess I had several reasons.”

She up-ended the glass and drained the last of the vintage. After placing the crystal on the table with excessive care, she rested her chin on her hands. “I came back because you saved my life; because you were the only thing that kept me from going insane from the pain that night; because I thought I would enjoy knowing you, and…”


Tori looked through her lashes at him for a moment before lowering her eyes to the table. The glance radiated sexual innuendo. “And, I think sex with you could be phenomenal.”

Jacob is available now
Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/Jacob-Kings-Guardian-Book-1-ebook/dp/B00VMVL2R6

Max Colton’s Road to Wonderland by H.A. RobinsonMCRTW.HAR.Large (1)

Growing up with certain expectations and your entire life mapped out for you is never easy, but when the bar is set impossibly high, most would give up.

Not Max Colton.

Even as a child, his father is unrelenting. Discipline, rules and rigid control are all he knows. Nothing Max does is good enough, and no matter how hard he works, approval and recognition are always just out of reach.

From boarding school to university, Max gets a glimpse of the freedom he’s always been denied, and learns unexpected things about himself along the way. When he somehow finds himself thrust back under his father’s iron rod of control, that freedom proves harder to let go of than he anticipated and he finds himself caught in a balancing act between his lifelong battle for his father’s approval and living out his own hopes and dreams.

With loves found and lost and his friends at his side, Max has to navigate through the world one step at a time. People aren’t always as they seem, and every stone unturned reveals a new challenge, bringing him closer to a future that has always seemed elusive and uncertain.

A future that holds success, freedom and love he never expected to have.

A future that will offer loyal friends and a home that isn’t confined to a building.

A future that leads him to Wonderland.

* * *

H.A.R – My favourite author is JM Darhower.  Her books are ones I go back to over and over and they never fail to give me feels. She writes great characters with so much emotion. Her books make me laugh and cry in equal measure and I won’t stop until everybody I know has read them.

H.A.R – “Perhaps it’s impossible to almost kill somebody and not come away feeling a little bit like you’ve known them your whole life.”

Max’s story is the 4th in the Road to Wonderland series but can be read as a stand alone.

Max Colton’s Road to Wonderland is out 11th July and is available to pre-order now!
Amazon – http://www.amazon.co.uk/Max-Coltons-Road-Wonderland-Book-ebook/dp/B010M4R8JY

Untouchable – Elite Doms of Washington Book 2 by Elizabeth SaFleur


Wealthy Washington, D.C. corporate attorney and seasoned Dominant, Carson Drake is the master of the romantic pre-emptive strike. One weekend is all he needs or wants, and every relationship is over before it begins.

But London Chantelle, his company’s public relations “princess,” intrigues and provokes the protective alpha male in him. Outside the office, their unexpected meeting at a local BDSM club presents the opportunity to do what he’s always wanted—earn her submission. He proposes a unique weekend of sensual pleasure. Though damaged from her history and mistrustful of men, London agrees to forty-eight hours with Carson, anticipating she could finally put her unwanted, darker longings to rest.

The passionate weekend proves beyond what either expected and they quickly discover how perfect they could be together. But London’s long-buried secrets and a blackmailing co-worker interrupt their weekend of romantic exploration. Carson calls on the powerful and secret Tribunal organization for support. But soon the greatest threat to Carson and London’s relationship is revealed—their own assumptions about love.

* * *

I’ve hosted Elizabeth here on my blog before. She’s a wonderful author and has been a great support for me. We’ve talked books and authors before on social media so I guessed what she’d come back with for my first question…I wasn’t wrong!

ES – Joey W. Hill

ES – Two lines actually!  “What will happen if I say yes?” ~London
“What you want. What you’ve probably always wanted.” ~Carson


The loud rasp of leather yanked through Carson’s belt loops sent her attention to his torso.

“What are you doing?” London’s panicked gaze shot to his face.

“I don’t have a collar on me.”

“I am wholly disinterested in being collared.”

“One weekend, London.” He grasped one of her hips with his free hand. “If you’re

disappointed at any time, you can walk. I’ll never speak of it again. Our work together will go unaffected. No one—and I mean no one—but us will know.”

“Would you put that in writing?” Her eyes filled with mischief.

Priceless. London lured him toward a lightning storm. He could play. Hell, nothing appealed

in the moment more than a weekend playing with London. Yes, this is what he wanted. Now he needed to know if she was willing.

“I’ll do one better.” He snaked the belt around her waist until the leather rested against her hips.

“I’m not a notch on a belt.”

“You could never be a notch, London Chantelle. You’re the whole belt, sugar.”

Her face softened, and the playfulness in her eyes died. He recognized the deliberation behind them, the wonder if she’d be safe, here and at work. London needn’t have worried. She might get scared, but mutual satisfaction was the only way his brand of sexual fulfillment worked.

“Say yes or no.” He pressed his torso to her corseted body, the last space between her body and his obliterated. “But say yes.”

“What will happen if I say yes?”

“What you want. What you’ve probably always wanted.” Her eyes misted with a surprising vulnerability.


Untouchable is available now!
Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/Untouchable-Elite-Doms-Washington-Book-ebook/dp/B00V8CZ3KG

The Music Behind the Words

Undertow - eBook CoverTo celebrate the release of Undertow, an anthology of sexy summer stories, I thought I’d share a little about my contribution, The Break.

I read that some authors write to a soundtrack of their work. Playing a particular song over and over as they let the words flow. I don’t work like that. I’d like to, I love listening to music, but find that the songs influence my mood too much. It can be distracting for me while I write.

When I’m in the car, at work or any other place that I’m not writing and able to listen to music, I do. Half the time I’m daydreaming about characters. The other half I’m listening to the lyrics to see if they fit with any of my feelings or thoughts for my stories.

Below are three songs that I feel bring The Break to life. They aren’t a playlist, they are just songs that provide a musical backdrop to my words.

I hope you enjoy listening to them!!

1. Seafret – Oceans 

The Break came to me in a bit of a whirlwind. I sat down with my notebook and started to scribble. Almost as soon as I had the title in my head and the outline of the story, I heard this first song play for the first time on the radio. I had to pull over to listen and then furiously scrabble to note down the name and look it up later.

This song is my perfect choice for The Break. It is beautiful.

2. Kelly Clarkson – Heartbeat Song

This next choice wasn’t mine. I’d heard the song, but due to it’s upbeat nature I hadn’t really listened to the lyrics. My editor told me that this is perfect for The Break. I didn’t believe her until I listened. I’m learning fast that she’s right about everything!

Although this wouldn’t have been on my list, now, it’s my anthem for the story. More so than my own choice.

3. Sam Smith – Latch

Finally, I love Sam Smith. I was on holiday when his album released and had it playing on loop for a week. Needless to say, his songs will be appearing on other song lists for my future work. I was torn between a few songs to round off my mini song list, but this one edged in. Again, it’s beautiful and holds buckets of meaning when I think of my characters and the lyrics.

If you haven’t read The Break, you can download it for FREE by signing up to my email list. Just click here

A little tease from The Break.

The Break - meme 1 (1)

When Victoria Abbott makes the hard journey back to her quaint, seaside hometown in Wales, she’s unprepared for the guilt that claws at her. At the same time, she’s instantly calmed by being on the sands where she spent time as a child. Her self-imposed rules never before gave her a shot at true happiness and she’s not sure if she can face a second chance. But when she walks into Aeron Morgan’s life, all that changes.

Aeron Morgan has all he wants from life. A financially successful business and the house of his dreams sitting on the cliff overlooking Oxwich bay. Until Victoria Abbott walks into sight. Not content with a one night stand, he wants Victoria to accept him and his darkest desires, forcing her to become the woman he knows is under her suit of armor. With her independence on the line Victoria grapples with choosing her dreams over what she’s worked so hard for all her life.

Undertow - Facebook Cover

Undertow is available to download and includes three other sizzling reads from authors Patricia A Knight, Elizabeth SaFleur and Kris Michaels.



Cover Reveal – Undertow – A new release in erotic romance

Undertow - eBook Cover

My first short story and my first cover reveal – OMG!

Undertow is a collection of four short hot and steamy romances. Get ready to meet Cole, Aeron, Bret and Max. Four very… interesting men.

I loved writing The Break. As a newbie writer, putting pen to paper for characters other than those from my Evermore series was daunting. I’m so pleased with this little story and hope you enjoy it.

Undertow is available on Amazon now. My email subscribers will receive The Break for FREE. Just sign up here.

The Break isn’t the only novella you’ll get to enjoy in Undertow. If you’re not already familiar with the other fabulous authors then go check them out. Kris Michaels, Elizabeth SaFleur and Patricia A Knight.

Undertow - Facebook Cover

Dear Readers,

Welcome to a Troll River Publication collection of short stories. This is the perfect introduction to some of the lovely authors in our romance group. Their styles are unique to them. But whether in the far distant future on an alien planet, jostling down the streets of Regency London in a carriage or fighting the congestion of modern Washington D.C. traffic, their stories share a common theme: strong heroes, hot sex and happily-ever-afters.

I’ve put together a sampler box of their short stories that are perfect for those lazy days at the beach, or poolside, when you want something to read that’s not too heavy, never sad and guaranteed to end well. So, slather on the sunscreen, slip those sunglasses on and let us entertain you.

Warm regards,

Stephanie McKibben
Troll River Publications

 Blurbs and Excerpts 

Backwater Blessing
by Kris Michaels

When Cole, Mr. FBI, and Logan, local cop and reigning Ice Princess, hook up to solve a case of Mississippi corruption at the highest judicial levels, sparks fly. Their attraction is hotter than the sultry southern sun. She wants to hate him—but she can’t. And Cole would never commit career suicide by staying in a backwater Mississippi town…not for any woman…especially not for Isabella Logan Church.

A single eyebrow arched and a small smile tugged up the corner of Cole’s mouth. Logan leaned forward and brushed her lips against his. He held still and that control won him some points in her book. The Fed had restraint. The question was how much?

Deliberately she pushed her bikini clad breasts against his hard muscled chest and lifted her hand to caress his cheek.

“If you are worrying about me being able to sell it…don’t. I don’t have to like you to act like I am making love to you.” Her purred words sounded breathless and needy even to her own ears. She turned and walked out of the cabin before she did something stupid. Like crawl up his big sexy body and kiss him until his federal reserve broke.


The Break
by Rachel De Lune


When Victoria Abbott makes the hard journey back to her quaint, seaside hometown in Wales, she’s unprepared for the guilt that claws at her. At the same time, she’s instantly calmed by being on the sands where she spent time as a child. Her self-imposed rules never before gave her a shot at true happiness and she’s not sure if she can face a second chance. But when she walks into Aeron Morgan’s life, all that changes.

Aeron Morgan has all he wants from life. A financially successful business and the house of his dreams sitting on the cliff overlooking Oxwich bay. Until Victoria Abbott walks into sight. Not content with a one night stand, he wants Victoria to accept him and his darkest desires, forcing her to become the woman he knows is under her suit of armor. With her independence on the line Victoria grapples with choosing her dreams over what she’s worked so hard for all her life.

I tease my skirt a little higher, revealing some flesh before slipping the first button on the front of my dress. Without knowing, I chose the perfect outfit. Once the second button is free, I look up at Aeron. Lust gleams from his eyes, and they drink in the body I’m slowly revealing to him, button by button.

I slink closer, standing a fraction out of reach as I undo the last button. I slip the dress slowly off my shoulders and let it drop to my feet. I step out, and close the final gap between us. He straightens and once more he sweeps my body with lust filled eyes. I take a breath and unhook the back of my bra and slip it off my shoulders. Hooking the sides of my thong, I inch my knickers down my legs as seductively as possible. The appreciation on Aeron’s face is all I need to bolster my confidence. I bend down, collect my knickers from the floor and strut to him. Dangling them over his lap, I drop them.

“Straddle me.” Aeron’s smoky voice is deeper than before. My little strip show has definitely affected him. The knowledge he is aroused spurs me on. Swinging my leg to sit on his lap, I position myself on his thighs. He has a clear view of my pussy. He hasn’t tried to touch me. His hands remain firmly by his side. I’m amazed… and disappointed.

“Make yourself come for me. I’m going to watch you come undone on my lap before I take you.”


by Elizabeth SaFleur

Cheated on, dumped and fired—all by the same man—Ava Hollins’ only goal on her Caribbean vacation was to forget men existed. When she wins hot, wealthy, resort owner, Bret Wright, during a charity “man auction,” she’s not sure what to do with her suddenly acquired “love slave.” Fortunately, for Ava, Bret knows exactly what to do with her.

Bret kept his eyes on Ava’s face as he looped two lengths of rope around her rib cage, one on the fleshy mound of her breasts, the other underneath. A gentle yank and the two pieces squeezed her breasts outward. The rough rope bit into her skin, and her breathing sped up.

“If you ever feel dizzy, tell me,” he said.
All she could do was nod. Her power of speech had fled.

“If it comes to it, I’ll cut the rope. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” She barely breathed the word. She tuned into the full length of his body now pressed closer against her, as if he meant to keep her steady and present. Even with rope biting into her skin, she loved being this close to his body. And, what a body. Even clothed she could tell some serious muscle lived behind those pants and shirt.

More pulls around her ribcage shifted her focus. She dropped her chin, fascinated by the beautiful knot he’d formed on her sternum. The ends dangled, tickling her belly. He lifted her chin and looked deeply into her eyes. Keep your eyes on me, they transmitted.
Yes, sir.

His hands returned to their work. In seconds he had her wrists crossed and tied together with another short length of rope. He tugged her closer. She blinked but didn’t dare break his gaze. He sealed his lips to hers, and his tongue moved slowly while his capable hands explored her body, fingers slipping under the ropes as if checking the level of restriction.

He released her mouth. She felt more, gentle, scratching pulls on the rope. A downward glance revealed her chest and belly encased in an intricate diamond pattern make of jute. She inhaled deeply, testing the restriction of her rope top. Could she get out of it, if needed? She expanded her chest again. No, I can’t. Moisture gathered between her legs in response. She looked back up at his face, now tilted in question. Without him having to ask, she knew what he sought.

“Amazing,” she said.

He smiled. “I’m glad you appreciate my work.”

The relief in his eyes spurred her courage. “Will you do more?” she asked.

“Oh yes, baby. So much more.”


by Patricia A. Knight

Former Army Ranger, Max Harper, didn’t know the young woman playing fetch on the beach with his therapy dog—but he wanted to. From his first meeting with Holiday Jones, her fresh beauty and soft heart swept him away. The wounded veteran knew he wanted forever with Holiday. There was just one small problem. She thinks he’s someone he’s not. When his down-to-earth Holiday learns who Max really is, love might not be enough—for no matter how generous a woman’s heart, it’s difficult to forgive deception.
After he covers Miss Kitty and her surrounding cast in white foam, Max sits back and inspects the area he’s prepped. He rinses his hands in the water bowl, dries them on the sofa cushions and then selects a razor as if he were an open-heart surgeon selecting a scalpel.

I wiggle a little and whimper, “Max, pleeease, finger fuck me…please, please, finger fuck me.”
He shoots me a happy little smile, flourishes the razor and begins gently scraping my groin with the care of a jeweler faceting a diamond. My inner slut gets on stage and shouts cuss words. I have no excuses. She has a potty-mouth. By the time Miss Kitty is as bald as Vin Diesel, Max has teased me to the brink of orgasm. The soft strokes that almost touch my clit are the worst. When Max finishes and drops the third razor in the water bowl and rinses his hands, I could come if he breathed on me. Max simply grins, parts my swollen lower lips with his thumbs, and exposes my aching clit. “God damn, Holiday. You’re so pretty.” He holds me with an intent stare and gravely announces, “Rangers lead the way,” before closing his lips and tongue over my clit and sucking gently.

I go off like the A-bomb dropped on Hiroshima in those old newsreels from WWII. Yeah. That could have been me. When I regain conscious thought, Snafu is raising a ruckus at the door, barking and scratching to be let in, and Max slumps on the ottoman in front of me with a look of gloating male satisfaction.

“I woke the dog?”

“You were pretty loud, babe.”

“Did I scream your name?”
He gravely shakes his head. “No, babe. You didn’t scream my name and you know what that means.”

My eyes widen.

“We have to do it again.”

Max kept his promise.

Disclaimer – the final manuscripts are still being edited so some language may change. 

June 2015


Elizabeth SaFleur – Book 2, Elite Doms series – Untouchable

If you have read my previous posts (Thank the Holidays for Holiday Ties) you’ll know that I love this author so I’m happy to shout about her new release Untouchable. I’ve read it and think it’s a fantastic story which I couldn’t put down. Being British, my biggest question was over her heroine’s name. London. But, it completely suits her and I forgot all about my initial scepticism by the end of the first chapter!

This post is re-blogged with the permission of Marilyn Lakewood.

UntouchableAuthor Elizabeth SaFleur stopped in to tell us about her latest steamy erotic romance Untouchable, book 2 in the Elite Doms of Washington Series, which is now available for
pre-order at Amazon. Elizabeth writes sensual, heartfelt stories with BDSM elements and her newest book Untouchable has it all! In Washington D.C.’s political arena, no one is who they seem.

Wealthy, corporate attorney Carson Drake fascinates public relations princess, London Chantelle. But their assumptions about love could crush their budding romance—even more than their long buried secrets and a blackmailing co-worker.

Points of interest about Untouchable:
1. Lawyer out-negotiated by PR counselor
2. Wax play, flogging, spanking, caning
3. Heroine blackmailed by co-worker
4. Washington’s secret & powerful BDSM watchdog organization, The Tribunal, emerges
5. A hardened heart, melts (more than once)

Available for Sale at:
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00V8CZ3KG
Forthcoming soon at Barnes&Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, and Apple/ibooks.

Elizabeth also answered some questions about her writing…

ML: What do you love about writing?

ES: This is going to sound really pompous, but I love creating a world that didn’t exist before. Last year, Untouchable’s heroine, London Chantelle, didn’t exist. Two years ago, hero Carson Drake didn’t exist. It’s really fun to tell a story involving people who live only in my imagination. I know all books are generally rehashing similar storylines. But I love the idea of bringing new characters into the world. It’s fun.

ML: Do you have any advice about the writing in the romance genre?

ES: The best advice I could give to any writer in any genre is to love your story and your characters. If you don’t enjoy the story, and write it the way you’d want to read it, then the book will ultimately suffer. Trust your instincts and write the stories you want to be told.

ML: What helped shape the characters of Untouchable?

Honestly, my 30 years in public relations in the Washington, D.C. area helped shape both London and Carson (and the entire Elite Doms of Washington series).
In PR, your job is take care of everyone around you and make them look good, even if it means you have to fall on your own sword. London has a strong nurturing and self-sacrificing side that makes her perfect for being a PR rep. But, she also is easily taken advantage of, which is where she runs into trouble in Untouchable. Washington comes across as an exceedingly polite place. But, once you turn your back, the town can be vicious.

When painting Carson’s character as a lonely, corporate attorney, I tapped into my experiences with the dozens of attorneys I’ve met and worked with.  Like so many people I’ve met in the legal field, Carson is bound by the rules yet chafes against them at the same time. Carson also learns that love isn’t black and white. Attorneys like black and white. 😉

ML: If it’s made into a movie, who would you like to play the lead roles?

ES: I wish I had celebrities as inspiration, like I did with Lovely, the first Elite Doms book. For Untouchable, the following provided inspiration. I think it’s the look in their eyes.

I wish I knew who this gentleman is, because he has Carson’s look and energy.


This gentleman also provided much inspiration for Carson over the months. Does anyone know who he is? Let us know in the comments, if you do!

carson 2

For London, this woman is perfect. Again, I don’t know who she is. (Anyone?) She has that sexy, startled look. LOL Plus, her hair is perfect. Carson loves her hair.


Pinterest provides me a wealth of inspiration. Check out my Pinterest boards, if you haven’t already.
(Link: http://www.pinterest.com/elizabethlovest/)

ML: What are you working on next?

Oh, so many projects are in the works! I have a novelette I’m trying to complete for a beach-themed anthology. This story is a little different for me, as it’s set in the Virgin Islands. Another short story is due this spring for consideration in the BDSM Writers Con anthology. And, of course, there are five more books to write for the Elite Doms series. The story of Mark Santos (Jonathan’s driver and friend) is next. He’s an ex-Green Beret with a heart of gold who will lure his late brother’s widow, Isabelle, from her grieving. I will let you imagine what that might entail. 😉

Thank you, Elizabeth, for stopping by today. 🙂

To find out more about Elizabeth SaFleur’s books…
Author Website: http://www.elizabethsafleur.com/
Publisher Website: http://www.trollriverpub.com/
Author Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/elizabethlovest/
Author Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElizaLoveStory
Author Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElizabethSaFleur
Author Google+ profile: <span “font-size:12.0pt;font-family:”times=”” roman”;=”” color:windowtext;text-decoration:none;text-underline:none”=””>google.com/+ElizabethSaFleur
Author Goodreads:<span “font-size:12.0pt;font-family:”times=”” roman”;=”” color:windowtext”=””>https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8409162.Elizabeth_SaFleur
Author Amazon profile: www.amazon.com/author/elizabethsafleur

Fantasy Versus Reality in BDSM – Elizabeth SaFleur interviews Dr Charley Ferrer

The wonderful Elizabeth SaFleur has this brilliant new interview on her blog and is happy for me to share with you here. If you haven’t checked out The Golden Flogger Awards, you can certainly find your next BDSM read there! And maybe I can manage a little trip in August to New York for the BDSM Writers Con… I’ll let you know. 

Enjoy Elizabeth’s blog!

Fantasy Versus Reality in BDSM Fiction – An Interview with Dr Charley Ferrer 

February is the Month of Love at Chez SaFleur, and not just because Fifty Shades of Grey makes its cinematic debut. In addition to our uber giveaway here, we’ve invited some special guests to talk love, dominance & submission and erotic fiction.

Today we feature a very special guest – Dr. Charley Ferrer, a world-renowned Clinical Sexologist and Sex Therapist. Dr. Ferrer also is an author of thirteen books on self-empowerment, women’s sexuality and BDSM. As a BDSM expert, she lectures throughout the U.S., Latin America and China on dominance and submission.

Dr. Ferrer also is CEO and founder of the BDSM Writers Con, which brings together authors and BDSM and D/s lifestyle presenters to provide education on the various nuances of the real BDSM world. Their tag line is “Where reality and fantasy come together!” We couldn’t host a better person than Dr. Ferrer to discuss the topic of truth versus fiction in erotica and erotic romance.

Note: BDSM and D/s sometimes will be referred interchangeably below. This synonymous use is only for editorial brevity sake.

Welcome Dr. Ferrer and thank you for being here.

ES: The BDSM and D/s lifestyle finally has cracked the mainstream – being discussed in the media, at cocktail parties, and in my case, even corporate boardrooms in Washington, D.C. What do you think has caused this new openness to discuss the lifestyle? It can’t all be the Fifty Shades phenomenon.

Dr. Ferrer: Fifty Shades has opened a door. But people have been pushing against that door for years, not knowing how to open it. Many people have been curious about BDSM but haven’t been able to define that curiosity and haven’t felt comfortable in exposing their interest.

Yet, D/s exists in our lives everywhere. People just haven’t named it as such. Have you ever given a hickey or gotten one? Why did you do that? It’s because you’re telling the world “this person is mine, don’t touch.” People will even brag about their hickeys, like a sub can often brag about their marks. They are proud to show they “belong” to someone. It’s the same thing in D/s, though the marks might go everywhere.

Another analogy is why put a wedding or engagement ring on a person? It’s a symbol or stamp of belonging. The vanilla world has rings. The D/s world has collars. We are practicing the same behavior but calling it two different things. In truth D/s has been in everyone’s life from the time they were born.


ES: As someone who been active in the BDSM scene for many years, do you believe the understanding of the BDSM lifestyle and dominance and submission is then growing more accurate or less?

Dr. Ferrer: So much information is available. But too many people are turning to the wrong sources. Many people only see BDSM and D/s at the surface level due to what is right in front of them, like the Fifty Shades books. In particular, that book portrayed lifestylers as people who must be fixed. Yet, truthfully, this lifestyle is full of healthy people exploring themselves.

Eighty percent of the new people exploring the lifestyle are engaged in the “candy store effect,” enjoying new toys and dressing up. The other twenty percent of new people are dabbling deeper and asking themselves, what does wearing (or giving) a collar mean? Do I want it? Where should I look? Where would I research? Those are the people that aren’t in it just for the thrill of the moment but because it calls to their fundamental nature.

The question to ask [when interest is piqued] is this: Do you want to stay on the surface or do you want to investigate and explore the lifestyle and explore you – because that’s what you’re doing in this life.

In BDSM, you’re connecting with another person. But you’re also connecting with yourself. It’s not just about a spanking. It’s about what it means to you and what that spanking opens up in you. If you kneel in front of Dominant, what does that mean? How do you feel?

ES: Let’s talk about BDSM in erotic fiction. Real-world BDSM lifestylers want writers to depict the scene accurately. But, honestly, sometimes scenes can be interesting to witness as watching paint dry (unless you’re involved, of course). I can see why some writers might “spice it up.” Don’t readers want the fantasy anyway?

Dr. Ferrer: We all want to read books for some fantasy. But keep the fantasy balanced with some reality – such as how the relationships unfold. I see too many books where the writer obviously isn’t comfortable with BDSM. For instance, a female submissive in a story will see a Dominant they are attracted to and just throw themselves at his feet. That’s not how it happens, and scenes like that give the wrong impression of the lifestyle.

ES: So, where’s the balance?

Dr. Ferrer: First, remember that though you’re writing fantasy, this is an actual subculture and sexual orientation and lifestyle you are portraying. Please show respect to the men and women who embrace it. Second, know what you’re writing. Are you writing harder-edged erotica or softer erotic romance? Are you including hard-edge play like consensual rape scenes or even nonconsensual scenes, or softer D/s romantic stories? If you’re writing harder erotic stories, the stakes are higher for being accurate.

It also depends on your audience, who you’re writing for. You can include billionaires and fancy clubs, but let people know your book is fantasy and that you’re taking liberties with the lifestyle. Too many authors declare their D/s books as “this is how people are in this lifestyle.”

(Note from ES: I’ve talked with people in the lifestyle who’ve declared their way of engaging BDSM is the way, too. But that’s another blog post for another time.)

ES: What have you read in BDSM fiction that has you cringe?

Dr. Ferrer: Too often I see two kinds of Dominants: the Dom who knows everything and the Dom who doesn’t know anything.

Please don’t have your Doms be omnipotent. That’s a stereotypes that gives the wrong impression. Dominants don’t know everything automatically. They aren’t psychic. They need the submissive’s input. They can be wrong or make mistakes. Doms are humans. In reality, BDSM relationships go wrong when one person believes the other one to be perfect.

Then there is the Dom who is insecure and second guesses his or her every move. They don’t know where or when to push.

Rarely do I read about two Dominants talking and checking in with each other. But this happens in real life. Doms mentor and train each other and help each other resolve issues with submissives; just as friends do in the vanilla realm. And it’s not just how to throw a whip better. We get into the psychology.

In the erotic fiction genre, there aren’t many books that portray dominant women well. They treat all Femme Dommes like they are pro-Dominatrix in a club. And those female Dominants are portrayed as whores, only in the scene for the money, and secretly submissive. Or as in the case of a ménage, she’ll have another lover who’s “her Dom” while she dominants the submissive male.

Another error is Female Dominants switch midway through the story suddenly become submissive. Why can’t she just be dominant? Woman are strong…really! *smiles*

ES: What about tropes? They exist in fiction often because they help readers identify with the story. Yet the BDSM community is so varied. I have yet to meet a person who fits a stereotype in this lifestyle. What happens if a writer is accused of writing someone that “couldn’t be true” because he or she didn’t fit a stereotypical trope?

Dr. Ferrer: The idea is to make your characters human. You could include some very simple words to give that person a unique persona to make sure they are not your stereotypical alpha Dom and show he or she is a realistic individual.

Interesting pieces to play with in your stories are around what the dominance brings to the relationship. What does the sub get? What does the Dom get? Sharing, being vulnerable, growing stronger, these are all themes around opening one’s self.

Whenever a submissive man comes to me and says “I want to be yours, connect with you.” My first question is why? Why am I different? What are you bringing to me? The truth is, you’re bringing to me what your submission means to you. You’re opening up a side of yourself you don’t share with other people.

It isn’t just what the Dom wants; it’s also what the sub wants to give. Then, the dominant wants to take the sub to another level. So, how does it make you feel to take them there? What’s in it emotionally for the dominant?

These are interesting things to explore in writing. Get into what happens between the two people because there is a reason why people are into BDSM to begin with.

ES: What about education? Is it the responsibility of an author to say, include safe sex talk or BDSM education?

Dr. Ferrer: Teach but don’t preach. Protocol is important in real life, so you’ll want to include some of it in your writing. But, you can teach readers about real-world BDSM by setting up proper scenes without having your characters say certain things out loud. If you have a character kneeling and your Dom wants her to have a proper pose, he might run his hand up her spine to straighten her. This is a “show don’t tell” moment educating the audience that there is a preferred pose. You don’t need to go into why you need certain things, such as a safeword. Just ensure there is one!


ES: Any other advice for authors of BDSM and D/s stories?

Dr. Ferrer: My first advice is to write a story you want to read. Don’t write for someone else. Write for you and your story will resonate with the other millions of people who think like you. If you’re just writing to a publisher’s specifications, it will show. And if you don’t believe in like BDSM don’t write it! Also, write well rounded characters, and don’t have someone be broken, just to be broken.

ES: What would you like to see explored more in erotic fiction involving BDSM?

Dr. Ferrer: Sensuality. The BDSM Writers Con will have a session on the topic of building sensuality into your books. If an author isn’t comfortable with the BDSM topic, it shows in the writing, especially around the lack of sensuality.

For instance, a whole page could be written on how a Dom connected with his or her sub before cuffing them to a St. Andrews Cross. The Dom could brush against them as they leaned the sub against the cross. He kisses her wrist before locking the cuff. Make it more sensual, because in reality, it is. If someone hasn’t actually engaged in a St. Andrews Cross scene, they might not get those nuances. It would be like telling a virgin that sex feels great. So, get educated and be sensual.

ES: Speaking of BDSM Writers Con, was there a pivotal moment when you thought, we have to start bringing readers, writers and BDSM experts together?

Dr. Ferrer: I’ve been teaching and educating for almost twenty years one-on-one and to groups. But a few years ago I read one of Joey W. Hill’s books. It was so well done, I had her on my radio program. It was from that interaction that the idea was born to get writers involved in writing about BDSM more accurately.

BDSM Writers Con is the only event educating authors and writers about Dominance and submission as well as marketing and writing craft. Authors and readers receive valuable information on various aspects of the D/s lifestyle during this four-day conference. Cecilia Tan is our keynote speaker this year, and we’ll have dozens of live, hands-on demos, a BDSM Club night and a book fair. Plus, we’ll be announcing the winners of our Golden Flogger Awards for best BDSM book of the year, sponsored by De Tail Toys.

Many thanks to Dr. Ferrer for stopping by and helping us become better writers of BDSM erotic fiction – and perhaps helping educate a few readers who now know what to look for.

Note to readers: BDSM Writers Con is for you, too! If you’d like to learn more about this lifestyle or just want to meet some of your favorite BDSM writers, it’s a welcoming and safe place to attend.

Check out their Kinky Chats to hear from various BDSM writers here.


A Lovely treat!

If you have read my previous post Thank the Holiday’s for Holiday Ties, you’ll know that Elizabeth SaFleur holds a special place in my heart.

She releases her first full length novel Lovely in January and to wet your appetite she’s shared this book trailer!


You can order Lovely here:

Amazon     Kobo     Smashwords

Elizabeth SaFleur

Elizabeth SaFleur is an erotic romance author who is finally sharing what simmers in her imagination—lots of alpha males, seductive encounters, and love. For many years she lived and worked in her novels’ setting, Washington, D.C., in public relations. In her thirty-year career, she represented or encountered some of the city’s powerful insiders.

Elizabeth now writes, tweets and posts under her pseudonym, Elizabeth SaFleur, since her former clients might be a little shocked at their past PR counselor’s new career choice. Then again, perhaps they would fear they provided inspiration. (She has sworn secrecy.)

Her series, the Elite Doms of Washington, is contemporary erotic romance for the progressive woman—unafraid and unencumbered by society’s boundaries.

Lovely, the first novel in the series debuting in January 2015, was inspired one sunny day at an outside café in Washington Harbor where Elizabeth swore she witnessed a woman being lashed to a sailboat mast, happily. Lovely’s hero, Jonathan Brond, was born that day when he silently answered her unspoken question, “does she like that?” with yet another question: “Would you like to find out?”

Today Elizabeth shares twenty-eight, wildlife-filled acres in Central Virginia with her husband and dog, and is sometimes separated from her laptop to indulge in dance classes and visits to wineries and hiking trails with friends. She lives by one quote: “If you really want to be happy, nobody can stop you.”

Elizabeth is a member of the Romance Writers Association, the Washington Romance Writers, and avid reader of all fiction genres, but especially books with a happily-ever-after ending. Visit www.ElizabethSaFleur.com to drop her a note.

Author Website: http://www.elizabethsafleur.com/

Publisher Website: http://www.trollriverpub.com/

Author Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElizabethSaFleur

Author Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElizaLoveStory

Author Google+ profile: google.com/+ElizabethSaFleur

Author Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/elizabethlovest/

Author Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8409162.Elizabeth_SaFleur

Author Amazon profile: www.amazon.com/author/elizabethsafleur

Thank the Holidays for ‘Holiday Ties’  

1406759946On my journey towards being a published author there have been a few milestones; finishing the first draft of my manuscript and holding it in my hand, receiving my friends support and encouragement towards my story and being brave enough to share it with someone I didn’t know.

That last milestone wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for a great short read by a fabulous author Elizabeth SaFleur.

I first found Miss E on social media and the blurb for Holiday Ties ticked all the boxes for the type of story I’d enjoy reading. So I did. It was a fab ‘Sunday treat’ and I was late for my yoga class as I couldn’t put it down. My biggest criticism was it wasn’t long enough. But as this was a short story I had to be content with what Miss E gave. I try and post at least a short review on Goodreads for the books I enjoy, I understand how important these can be for authors and this review turned out to be a great decision.

She contacted me soon after and offered me the opportunity to review her debut full length novel Lovely. This was another milestone for me – my first ARC review. To say I was excited was an understatement. I loved the scene that Miss E had painted in Holiday Ties and was eager to see more of her Doms of Washington.

‘Lovely’ was a gripping story that built on Holiday Ties, had some very charged and knicker wetting sex scenes and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Miss E and I went back and forth a few times on social media and then I decided to do it. I asked her if she would read my manuscript – pause for dramatic effect. Because she is so wonderful, she agreed. My milestone!

Now, I should have been happy with that, and I was. I was ecstatic. So when she got back to me with a really positive review AND a crit summary I was bowled over. She was supportive, encouraging but also told me where I could improve. This was such a huge step for me and probably the biggest milestone after deciding to write the book itself. Without her first few words I doubt I would have had the courage to continue.

Since then, we have continued to stay in touch (more in that in future posts) and I am so thankful for her first book, Holiday Ties being so good and good enough that I wanted more of Elizabeth’s story!

3a0e9b0440e468fd1e6b22687f9a10e580f30df7-thumbHer wonderful book Lovely is up for pre-order now and she’s also doing some fantastic giveaways on her blog. I’d guarantee Christina’s story is well worth clicking that button!




Lovely (Amazon): http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00P3CHMQ0

Holiday Ties (Amazon): http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LZA6HO2

Website: http://www.elizabethsafleur.com/

Now, you remember me saying how wonderful Miss E is, well she’s answered the following questions for me to share as well!

Q Do we get to see more of Ryan and Yvette from Holiday Ties in future stories?

Yes, absolutely. Yvette emerged as I was writing Lovely. She wasn’t supposed to be a main character, but she does end up playing a pivotal role. After I completed Lovely, she (figuratively) turned to me and asked, “Where is my happy ending?” So, I wrote Holiday Ties, providing her with some HEA of her own. Of course, Yvette and Ryan’s story is not done. Yvette wants her own book now!

Q What book are you currently up to in your writing process?

I’m editing the second Elite Doms book, Untouchable, which should be out in early spring. It features Carson Drake, a Dom who made a cameo in Lovely. I simply love the heroine, London Chantelle. She’s sassy. London goes to a private club, Club Diabolus, to get her “ridiculous” submissive desires out of her system, but then runs into co-worker Carson—a man who promises to fulfill her dreams. Or will he drain her dry, like every other man she’s known? Hmm, we’ll have to find out!

Then, of course, there are five other books in the Elite Doms series: The Lovely sequel (early summer release) and four other books about different Dominants and a Femme Domme. Each of the heroes/heroines are connected through a secret organization called The Tribunal. The Tribunal makes itself known in Untouchable.

Q Have any of your characters taken the story in a completely different direction to what you had planned? And as a writer how do you deal with that?

Oh, yes. My characters are quite “bossy.” For instance, London Chantelle, the heroine in Untouchable. She turned out to be a masochist. I did not see that character trait coming. I was writing a flogging scene when she kept screaming at me “harder, harder!” Who was I to argue? I tend to start out writing a character who is “half-baked.” They come with a few key characteristics, a “look,” goals, motivations and inner conflicts. But as the story unfolds, they develop. I like the surprise. They keep me on my toes.

Q Lovely is up for Pre order now. What was your favourite part of writing this story and why?

This story will always have a special place in my heart. I carried Lovely around inside me for so many years – dating back to 1996. One day I was sitting in an outside café, sipping wine, watching the boats on the Potomac River when I swore I thought I saw a woman being lashed to a sailboat mast. I wondered, “does she like that?” Jonathan Brond “spoke” to me that day. He asked me “Would you like to find out?” For years he whispered to me, filling my head with different aspects of his story. But it wasn’t until two years ago that his “whispers” became more demanding – like a true Dom. My favorite part of writing Lovely was the boat scene, because that was the genesis of the whole story. That scene is where Christiana finally admits her big secret, and in doing so, shows Jonathan a part of himself he doesn’t like.

A big thank you to Miss E! You can connect with her at any of her social sites.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElizabethSaFleur

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElizaLoveStory

Google+ profile: google.com/+ElizabethSaFleur

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/elizabethlovest/