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Music and words

Music and words

So who is listening to Adele’s new album at the moment? I had to listen to each of the songs a couple of times before I fell in love with the album. It’s now on repeat when i’m sat at my desk working (not writing!). Listening to her lyrics got me thinking about the songs I had in mind for More. I put this collection together a while ago and shared it with Peggy from Reading Keeps Me Sane Book Blog.

When I’m writing, I’m completely obsessed with the story and my characters. I fall into little day dreams about a scene or a new plot line. And when I’m listening to the radio, I’m listening out for words and songs that resonate with the story I’m crafting.

These are some of the songs that I’ve collected that for me, tell the story of More.

I’m a huge fan of Sam Smith. His music will feature through all of my books. The words always resonate with me and some of his words make me think of my characters.

Here is the first of Sam’s songs that feature on my soundtrack for More.

Make It To Me, Sam Smith

This next track I fell in love with as soon as I heard it. Again, the lyrics seemed to be echoing just what Izzy was going through and it’s been stuck on my own little playlist.

Wicked Games, Parra for Curva

This is a bit more of an upbeat song, although I think it captures the desperation that Izzy feels at times.

Poison, Rita Ora

More is an emotional love story and the heart of it, the pain that love can cause. Paloma Faith has a wonderful voice and this song has been on repeat for much of the editing process of More.

Only Love Can Hurt Like This, Paloma Faith

The second Sam Smith track…

I heard this first with the hype around the new Bond film, it hasn’t been off the radio. I listened and fell in love with the words and the song. There is some debate though, if this is the song for Izzy or for Seb.

I’d love to know what you think.

Writing’s on the Wall, Sam Smith.