The decisions of a fledgling writer


f88067198cd6620856c8442d6dbf5319As a newbie writer just finishing the first book in my debut trilogy I thought that the decisions in front of me would be simple. Character developments -Will she won’t she? This scene or that? I was focused on the writing.

I started writing for a number of reasons, one was to have some time for me and to do something I felt passionate about. I wanted to write and give my characters their story.

But with the completion of my first draft came my first decision. What now? I’d completed a book. Big tick. But I decided I wanted to make it better. So I went back through it with my trusty pink pen. And edited.

It became clear to me that if i’d done this, why not take the next step. My next decision – should I share it with a friend? That was probably one of the scariest moments, letting go of my baby. Would they see it like I did? Is it any good? Luckily for me, my friend LOVED More and it was that confidence that made my next decision for me. I’m going to publish this, even if it’s just for me.

It was at this point that the flood gates opened! So many more decisions to make and behind each one, there were further questions to answer.

Self publish or try to get a publishing deal?
Editor or self edit?
Which editor?
Cover design and cover reveal?
Beta readers?
Book blog tour for launch day, who?
When to launch? At how much?

Once I started down this wonderful rabbit hole I didn’t know where it would lead. I had a small goal in mind and now that goal has grown due to the decisions I’ve made.

One of the best decisions I have made to date was to send my baby to an author I had read and connected with on social media. She read it and gave me some fantastic feedback and reader insight. It was constructive, sound advice which I desperately needed. I knew I had to do this, send it to others to better the story and her input has led to numerous emails and words of advice.

There are a hundred other questions and decisions to make for a newbie author. But, what I’m finding out is there is a huge community of authors willing to help with advice and give back. This has been a revelation to me and I’m thankful to have made the decisions I’ve made as it’s led me to where I am today.

Have I published yet? No. Have I made all the decisions I need to? No. But I can now do it knowing I have several people and a host of other resources that will help me through this, willing to give me advice and support that will improve my writing ‘career’.

My latest decision is to take the advice on offer and learn from it.

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